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Monday, February 23, 2009

Press Release: Shasta Industries(R), Shea Homes(R) and Waterfurnace International(R) Introduce BLU eQ(TM) Geothermal System in Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona, February 23rd, 2009:

Shasta Industries, Inc.(R) in cooperation with Waterfurnace(R) International and Shea Homes(R) has developed a new geothermal heating and cooling system known as BLU eQ(TM). BLU eQ is a cutting edge solution which harnesses the thermal energy that is trapped in the soil and maximizes the natural ability of water to transport energy to heat and cool homes in an efficient cost saving manner.

"We saw that people were using geothermal heat pumps on ponds in the Midwest. We assumed geothermal heat pumps would have similar applications to the pools in the Southwest. The ground absorbs approximately 40% to 50% of the sun's solar heat, and water does an excellent job of capturing heat. We've combined these resources to successfully heat and cool homes in an innovative way. The advantages are twofold; our customers will enjoy improving their quality of life while saving money at the same time."
Steve Ast - Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Shasta Industries, Inc.

Simply stated, BLU eQ captures free energy from the earth in two ways; first from a ground loop of buried pipes that acts as a heat exchanger and second by incorporating a reservoir of water (heat sink). BLU eQ consists of a geothermal heat pump (water-source heat pump), an in-ground exchange system and a reservoir.

By using three renewable energy sources; water, sun and geothermal, this new product will lower a homeowner's carbon footprint substantially. For every one unit of electricity produced, BLU eQ will deliver four units of clean geothermal energy. Geothermal systems emit no carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, or other greenhouse gases that are considered to be major contributors to environmental air pollution.

"It feels great to be partnering with such an outstanding company like Shasta Pools to offer this state of the art solution to our customers. At Shea Homes we are constantly looking for innovative products that not only increase the value of our homes but also contribute to a more sustainable environment. We are excited to be offering the BLU eQ solution to our customers and are confident it will contribute to lowering our customers overall utility costs."
Ken Peterson - Vice President of Sales for Shea Homes.

Studies have demonstrated that nearly 80% of all electricity used in a home is used for heating and cooling air, hot water heating and circulating pool water. This solution will lower the energy usage on these items up to 30% to 70% depending on the construction of the home.

Local utility companies have credits and or incentives that may cover up to 50% of the cost that qualifies under their Renewable Energy Incentive Programs.(1) The Federal Government has committed financial support with a 30% tax credit for costs that qualify for the Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit.(2)

"The Department of Energy states that geothermal heating and cooling is the most energy efficient system available. As all three companies combined resources to work together developing BLU eQ, it quickly became apparent that it would be a great innovation for people in the Southwest."
John Groulik - Executive Vice President of Waterfurnace International. Fort Wayne, Indiana

Special thanks to the Town of Buckeye, Arizona for their assistance and support during the developmental phase.

For more information please contact Shasta Pools and Spas at 602.532.3870 or visit the web at

BLU eQ(TM) is a trademark of Shasta Industries, Inc(R). Patent Pending.

1 Please contact your local utility company to see if you qualify for a renewable rebate or credit.

2 Please check with a tax professional to see if you qualify for federal, state or local renewable credits.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Shasta Pools Creates Resort-Style, On-Campus Housing for ASU

Arizona State University pulled out all the stops by creating a virtual resort with the Vista del Sol student housing project with help from Shasta Pools. The Commercial Division of Shasta Pools and Spas has become the expert at helping area universities woo potential students with posh pools and welcoming water features.

"We are very pleased that Hardison Downey Kitchell and American Campus Communities had confidence in Shasta Pools to take part in this endeavor," said Bill Gullekson of Shasta Pools Commercial Division. Many universities throughout the Valley are following this trend and are updating their landscape to luxurious designs. One way universities are adding style to their campuses is by incorporating water features and pools. Shasta Pools Commercial Division has completed several of these "campus enrichment" projects and has established a reputation as the pool and water feature builder universities trust. "Shasta Pools Has built water parks for resorts as well as NCAA aquatic facilities such as Arizona State University's Mona Plummer Aquatic Center but bringing the resort-style pools to dorm life is an exciting new trend," noted John Neely, Senior Marketing Manager with Shasta Pools.

Living on campus used to mean a cramped dorm room and a communal shower. Amenities meant a window that opened! But those days may be a thing of the past. Students now want all the comforts they are used to for their first away from home experience.

Vista del Sol, at Arizona State University, opened its doors for the 2008 fall semester. The new development, located near the main campus in Tempe, AZ, seems more like a resort than student housing. To accomplish this feel Shasta Pools and Spas Commercial Division teamed up with Hardison Downey Kitchell and American Campus Communities to create a luxurious outdoor space, which includes a posh, resort style pool and enormous spa. The palm tree lined pool is a social hub for residents of Vista del Sol. Students seeking sun have their pick of chairs to lounge on and for those who want some relief from the heat can escape to the ramadas complete with fireplace, outdoor kitchen and plenty of plush seating.

Shasta Pools has been building projects for universities all over the Valley. Additional aquatic architecture for ASU, the University of Phoenix, Grand Canyon University and Estrella Community College have all been completed by Shasta Pools.

At Grand Canyon University Shasta constructed an enormous 5,500 square foot swimming pool along with two oversized therapeutic spas. The pool features a custom, decorative stone deck and pool side cabanas. This outdoor space adds to the prestigious campus feel and gives students a deluxe area for relaxation and enjoyment.

Shasta was also chosen to construct a Zen-like water feature at Estrella Mountain Community College. The extended runnel cuts a stream across the lawn, connecting several waterfalls, eventually flowing into a Koi fish pond. This water feature adds a tranquil element to an otherwise bustling campus. The sound of the trickling water and subtle dark interior of the stream evokes a sense of serenity and makes it a perfect place for students to study or just take a break from the long day.

About Shasta Pools
Shasta Pools has been the number one pool builder in Arizona since 1968, and has built more than 75,000 swimming pools throughout the state. Additionally, Shasta Pools Commercial Divisions are recognized across the state and country for their expertise. Shasta Pools receives numerous awards and accolades throughout the industry and is the only Phoenix pool builder that is a member of the prestigious Master Pools Guild. Over the years, the company has grown to include nine divisions. From pool building and pool product manufacturing to retail supply stores and customer service, each division strives to provide a level of service second to none.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shasta Pools Expects Saving Big on Going Green

Shasta Pools & Spas has deployed eCopy ShareScan® document imaging software along with OptiScan eVistaTM document management software to support its production and financial processes for building swimming pools. Shasta Pools & Spas, a family-owned business headquartered in Arizona, expects to save $500,000 a year through process improvements and reduced printing and paper costs by using eCopyTM and OptiScan together.

A division of Shasta Industries, Inc., Shasta Pools & Spas is the top Pool Builder in Arizona and one of the largest pool builders in the country and with that, "Shasta Pools has built its reputation by taking care of our customers and making sound business decisions. The choice to move towards a paperless system was a win-win. It is great for the environment and reduces overhead which translates into value for our customers." says Steve Ast, Partner and Vice President of Sales & Marketing

With the implementation of OptiScan eVistaTM and eCopyTM Shasta has eliminated the need to make numerous copies of documents for distribution throughout the company and to external contractors. Documents are available to all approved users within moments of imaging, allowing for fast, efficient document retrieval. This reduces the cost of physically moving paper between five sales offices and the corporate headquarters. This also eliminates the cost of printing, lost or inconsistent documents, filing, and storage.

The OptiScan eVistaTM document management software provides secure, web-based document access and search capabilities to Shasta employees and vendors, making contracts and other important documents easy-to-find and immediately available. Additionally, eVistaTM provides role-based document security to ensure documents are only accessible for those granted access.

"We were running our copier machines into the ground feeding a costly, paper-intensive workflow with our pool contracts," said Robert Dye, Controller at Shasta Pools. "The eCopyTM / OptiScan solution enables us to scan contracts right away and make them available both internally and externally to our vendors in the field. This not only dramatically decreases excessive paper usage, it provides a fast and efficient way for employees to locate and view documents and provides an efficient service to our vendors"

eCopyTM document imaging software is operating on 13 multifunction printers (MFPs) to provide Shasta employees with an intuitive, consistent user interface across multiple departments, including accounting, design, purchasing and construction. Shasta simply scans and converts the paper-based information to Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files, associates the PDF files with an existing job in the system, and seamlessly imports them into the eVistaTM system using web services. Leveraging the PDF standard makes it easy to distribute documents and provide access to outside vendors.

"We scan our pool layouts and any design changes, making them available to everyone involved in building a pool. Extending our document workflows outside our company significantly reduces the chance of mistakes being made by an outside vendor because all vendors will be working with the latest document," said Robert Dye.

OptiScan, a provider of capture services, software and hardware solutions based in Phoenix, Arizona, used the eCopyTM software development kit to create the eCopy Connector for eVistaTM, an interface allowing eCopy's document scanning capabilities to merge seamlessly with OptiScan’s eVistaTM document management solution.

"The eCopy / eVista solution enables Shasta employees to use their MFPs to make important documents readily available to the vendors and employees engaged in a project via web access," said Al Hawkins, President of OptiScan Inc. "Access to each document is assigned and controlled through role-based access ensuring that the right documents are accessible to the right people at the right time."

About eCopyTM, Inc.
eCopyTM, Inc. is an innovative provider of open and flexible solutions that transform paperwork into paper that works. With more than 75,000 units sold, eCopy is the market leader in MFP document imaging software. eCopy customers include GE, Time Warner Inc., Yahoo!, Nissan, Verizon Wireless, BP, Sprint, General Motors, Siemens, Cisco Systems, SAAB, and Sony Corporation. eCopy, Inc. is a global company headquartered in the United States, with subsidiaries in Japan and the UK, offices in Germany, France, Scandinavia, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. For more information, visit or join the conversation at eCopy’s Document Imaging Blog at eCopy is a trademark of eCopy, Inc.

About Shasta Pools & Spas
Shasta Pools & Spas was founded in 1966 and has been the number one pool builder in Arizona since 1968 with more than 75,000 swimming pools built throughout the state. Shasta is a recognized leader and innovator in the swimming pool industry and is the only Phoenix pool builder that is a member of the prestigious Master Pools Guild. Over the years, the company has grown to include nine divisions including swimming pool building, pool remodeling, pool product manufacturing and pool supply retail stores. For more information, visit Shasta Pools & Spas Website ( or Shasta Pools Official News Blog (

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"Staycation" The Buzz Word For A Smart New Trend

Not only are people re-thinking their spending and driving habits here in the valley, but people are also cutting back on out of town vacations. With the rising cost of both airline and car travel, people are tuning in to the idea of a "staycation."

Staycation is one of the latest buzz words to emerge from the energy crunch catalyst. The whole idea is to take a vacation but without the high cost of travel, expensive airfare, and hotel accommodations. Simply put, people are staying home and enjoying friends and family indoors and out. They are spending hard earned money on items around the house that they can enjoy for years to come.

The Valley is recognizing that people are starting to jump on the staycation bandwagon. The Arizona hotel industry without fail is hit every summer with their slow season due to the triple digit temperatures and heat warnings that every Arizonian struggles to adjust to. With a little research, many local hotels offer enticing discount rates in order to generate business and it is a safe bet that much of this is from local residents. A long weekend at a local resort could be just the ticket to chill out next to a sparkling pool and sip tropical drinks.

Others are taking it a step further and bringing the tropical resort feel to their own home. It would be surprising to hear that any industry has yet to be affected by the lackluster economic conditions. The pool industry, for instance, has felt its fair share. Pools are considered to be a luxury item, but many families are choosing a new pool as something they can enjoy for years to come instead of a distant vacation memory. By choosing to stay close to home during the warm summer months, families are more easily convinced to invest in such an indulgence. John Neely, of Shasta Pools & Spas, says, "We are discovering that the idea of having a great pool in the backyard that can be enjoyed all year doesn't cost any more annually than a family vacation for a week or two." AAA Magazine quotes an average vacation expense for 2007 of $100 per person, per day (source: so, on a 10-day trip a family of four will spend $4000. Using simple math that equates to just under $340 per month, more than enough to cover an average pool payment.

With depreciating value of the American dollar, going anywhere outside of the country seems nearly impossible for the average American trying to be reasonable and financially practical with their vacation plans. Some are simply taking the time off work, putting time and money into their homes, spending time with their families, or just enjoying what Arizona really has to offer.

Making a day trip to any of the valley lakes, enjoying the sunshine outside by the pool, or visiting any of the local attractions, is what staycationing is really about. Not a bad idea for any Arizonian looking to relax and take some time away from the office.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Shasta Pool Repair Offers Customer Solutions

The Shasta Pools Repair Division is excited to announce the product addition of the Sta-Rite Variable Speed Pump. This new addition to the line of products that are offered to Shasta Pool customers is a huge step for the pool industry. It is a known fact that a homeowners pool pump is the second highest energy consumer in a household. Often, standard pool pumps can consume as much energy as all other household appliances combined. Installing a Sta-Rite Variable Speed pump can cut energy costs 30%-90%, which can lead to $621 to $1,356 in utility costs annually; this dollar amount could be even increase where energy rates are higher. The VS-3050 pump uses exclusive permanent magnet motors (like those used in hybrid cars) to provide a minimum savings of 30% over a standard pool pump.

While the savings are obviously beneficial there are other advantages to replacing your old pool pump with a VS-3050. This pump is the quietest running pool pump on the planet, thus the noise pollution is nearly eliminated. Also, the permanent magnet motor will generate far less vibration and heat than a traditional pool pump motor. This will result in less wear and tear on the pump's other components and lead to a longer life.

Shasta Pool Repair can replace older, less efficient pool pumps or any other equipment. Although the upfront cost is more than that of a standard pool pump, the VS-3050 will pay for itself with energy savings in no time.

About Shasta Pool Repair and Customer Care Division
With the experience that comes from building 75,000 of our own swimming pools, the Shasta Pools service and repair division has the expertise to provide solid repair services to any make or model of swimming pool. The Shasta Pool Repair division is dedicated to providing expert pool repair services. In over 28 years, Shasta Pool Repair has run over 700,000 service calls in Arizona, giving us years of experience to draw from.

About Shasta Industries, Inc.
Shasta Pools & Spas was founded in 1966 and has been the number one pool builder in Arizona since 1968. Shasta is a recognized leader and innovator in the swimming pool industry and is the only Phoenix pool builder that is a member of the prestigious Master Pools Guild. Over the years, the company has grown to include nine divisions including swimming pool building, pool remodeling, pool product manufacturing and pool supply retail stores and a pool repair division.

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